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It’s that time of the year when we need to change our wardrobe; we have been wearing heavy clothes, covering ourselves from bottom to the top. Now the sun is shining, its bright again, we need to shed the baggage, wear light, step out and feel the warmth, we need summer fashion. As you walk around town and on the streets, you will notice rising hemlines, while others have carried over their go-to spring pieces. You need to get it right so that you can enjoy the season, it only comes once per year and if you do not get the best out of it, you might regret when the dull moment comes, all over again.

Battle summer heat wave by wearing short and shirts, it will not only feel comfortable but also will put you on top as far as summer fashion statements are concerned. Wear bright colours, science has it that they reflect the light and heat, keeping your relatively cool. Bright colours also make you shine, they attract attention. You are likely to make head turn on the street, get all the attention, so wear coloured attire if you love the attention you will be getting. If you are the kind that does not like turning heads , but want to feel comfortable in a summer fashion, wear white, you will glow , shine bright; you will get the stares right but only for a moment as your admirers will be not feel comfortable staring for long due to bright shining reflections. But all in all, glares and stares on the street make us feel good, at least someone has noticed some difference, someone has liked what he or she has seen. This summer get it right by wearing something that people will like looking at, you may be helping others dress right, so do not shy away from donning the right summer attire. The theme of the season is wear light and bright. There are many people who look on the street for inspirations, make sure you provide that, make a fashion statement, and shop in this right place for the right attire this summer.

When I talk about wearing right, rising to the occasion, not only light counts, we have also seen that brightness comes in handy. The whole idea is to make it less, reduce the hemlines, expose as much as you can but maintain decency. Talk of bold prints, bright colours, breezy wide lag pants all made in a style that is simple and elegant.

Whether you are stepping out for a holiday tour, office or just an outdoor gathering, have the appropriate inspiration, look for something that will not only make you comfortable but also send the right message to your admirers. Let this summer be different, shop for the right attire, step out with confidence, be comfortable and rise to the occasion. Have a great summer!


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