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Exciting Summer Wardrobe ideas for a Family Day out

I wait for summers all year long. Why? Because I can finally get rid of the coats and long boots and wear my favorite dresses and can complete my look with the best accessories. Here in my city, we hardly get to see spring and autumn as they are more like mild winters. It is during summers when we finally get out of our igloos (Yes, because I feel have chosen to live on the North Pole) and can explore the city which, to our utmost disbelief, is not covered with snow anymore.

Last weekend, my husband and I decided to take our children to the zoo. These are the only few months when we as a family can actually go out and spend some quality time outside the premises of our four-walled living space. The weather condition said that no day other than Sunday could be the best for this long-awaited family trip.

The weather on Sunday was supposed to be sunny with clouds covering the sky sometime around the evening. So, I thought I should dress the kids accordingly with something that will not make them feel hot during the day and will also be fine during the evening in the cloudy weather. My son, who is eight, is a very obedient child depending entirely on his mother for his wardrobe. But, my twin daughters of about five are very style conscious and need to incorporate their own creativity in their dressing.

My husband imperatively decided upon wearing shorts and a short sleeve v-neck t-shirt. The cloudy weather has no effect what-so-ever on him as he was born in this ultra cold region and finds this kind of weather to be quite warm. I opted to go with a long flowy skirt and an embellished lace top combined with a hat that will save my face from directly being exposed to the sun.

My son was very much happy with the pull on jean pants that I chose for him with a collared mini check shirt of light blue color. The only thing my son is crazy about are baseball caps so I made sure to complete his look with one. This will appear as a great summer accessory and will make my son happy as well.

The most difficult task was to dress my daughters. Never in their lives can both of them go with the same look. The only relief is they themselves agree upon the colors they want to wear. One chose delicious grape and the other went with pink. I wanted both of them to wear jeans to avoid the expected cold during the evening but one was adamant on wearing a knee-length dress whereas the other one wanted to wear Peppa Pig leggings.

Like me, they also only have the summer time to try with exciting new looks so I carried some warm clothes along to save them from the evening cold and let them be happy with their favorite summer styles.  Together with sunglasses and funky flip-flops, both of them were ready with their cool summer appearance.

The trip was ever exciting with us enjoying the summer warmth along with my kids enjoying seeing their favorite animals. Fortunately, the evening wasn’t as cold as expected with clouds leaving the sky after a few minutes. This definitely made my little angels very excited as they could carry their favorite attires for the rest of the day.

Styling in summer is fun and easy for people belonging to any gender or age as it lets them explore the maximum variety of outfits. This is the time of the year when you can unleash your inner stylist like me and my girls do every single time.


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