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April Fool's Day Pranks you can play on your kids!


Do your kids play pranks all year round? It’s time for a payback! This April Fools’ Day prepare your own jokes and pranks that will keep them laughing from the moment they wake up till the time they go to sleep. Make this day unforgettable with these 8 family friendly April Fools’ Day pranks:


1. Alice in Wonderland

Start the fun the night before. On 31st March serve a magic vegetable for kids at dinner time. Pick the one they haven’t tried before: courgette, artichoke, purple cauliflower? Tell the kids this vegetable has special powers and will make them grow overnight. They will be happy to eat it! Then once they go to sleep, stuff their shoes and slippers with tissues so they appear too small once they put them on. If possible, swap their usual clothes with pants and t-shirts that are size too small. They will have plenty of giggles trying them on in the morning and it will set the fun atmosphere for the rest of the day!


2. Frozen cereal

This also needs to be prepared in advance. Put their favorite cereal with milk in their bowls and freeze overnight.  Next morning, serve these at the table with a spoon and watch their surprise as they try to dig in!


3. Bug in a glass

This is a fun prank too. Pour a hot water into ice cube tray and put few small plastic bugs into each one. The hotter the water, the clearer the cubes will be once frozen. Serve them with a lemonade or apple juice in lunch time – and wait till you hear shouts and giggles!


4. Sluggish juice

Does your family like the orange juice in the morning? It’s time for a swap for something more sluggish this April Fools’ Day! Make an orange jelly and once it’s cool, pour into a clear jug and let it sit in the fridge for few hours before serving. Put it on a table and invite each one to help themselves with a juice. They will be surprised to see a juice set in its ways!


5. Food that fools the eye

Prank food for April Fools' Day lunch!

This is one of my favorite pranks. Make a steak and potato mash dinner look like a cupcake - it’s easier than you think! It will deceive the eye – and a palate. Bake mini meat loaves in cupcake tins and top them with mashed potatoes mixed with a pink food coloring. It will look like a real life cupcake with a pink topping. Another great prank is to add gummy worms into kids’ lunchtime box or hide them in a cored apple. Laughs and giggles guaranteed!


6. Message on a roll

Sneak into a toilet and write funny messages on a toilet paper using a felt tip pen. You can write: “Make sure the toilet spider doesn’t bite you!” or something similar. Roll it back and wait for their reaction once they go in. That will definitely make this toilet break unforgettable!


7. Lose teeth

This prank will certainly make everyone laugh. Pretend to accidently bump into something on your way – like a door way or wardrobe – and drop few fake gummy teeth on the floor. Everyone will think you have just knocked your teeth out!


8. Slippery soap

One of the greatest ways to make your kids giggle this April Fools’ Day is to paint your soap bar with a clean nail polish. It is best to do it a night before so the polish gets dry before kids use it. It will be slippery and impossible to use – make sure to get a cheaper soap for the hoax! The kids will surely use it as an excuse to skip a bath time, but it will only make their day even more special!


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