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How to host a Costume Easter Egg Hunt?

Easter is just around the corner, and it’s such a fun family holiday full of color, flowers and games.

I adore Easter and love to come up with a new theme for each Easter egg hunt. This year, we decided on cartoons.

Kids love dressing up, so it’s a perfect excuse for a fun day out in the Sun! Check below to see how can you host it yourself!


What will you need?

  • Chocolate Easter eggs – buy them in variety of sizes and color wrappers
  • Colorful baskets – great tip is to match the basket color with the chocolate eggs, so each child finds equal number of treats
  • Cartoon character outfits
  • Pen and some paper
  • Egg hunt clues printed out

All kids love chocolate treats so it’s great idea to give all equal chance by matching baskets with colorful eggs. That way even the youngest of kids will have a chance to find the same treats as older ones. As it’s a costume party, make sure to match the basket with the outfit – so the Spiderman T-shirt wearing boy will collect red chocolate eggs to a blue basket. And a little girl in Minnie Mouse set will be hunting with pink basket and collecting pink Easter eggs.


How to get started

Make sure to have few rules in place before an Easter hunt begins to keep things fair. Tell each child how many eggs should they collect and in which color. Create a base station as a place to come back with the chocolate eggs before setting off again.

If you have younger and older kids in the group, consider matching younger ones with older, as little ones can feel overwhelmed if hunting on their own.

How much chocolate can be eaten? Make sure to tell kids not to eat the Easter eggs all at once, or you’ll end up with a group of bouncing kids filling up the house! Allow 2-3 eggs to eat after the hunt is finished and the rest can be taken home – as a trophy.

Make sure to keep the atmosphere fun at the same time – the rules are there to give everyone involved a fair chance to win and enjoy the day.


Easter egg hunt clues

Consider having fun clues printed out to help children find chocolate Eggs. Check this website for rhyming clues for Easter egg hunt. It’s 26 of them! Simply print the ones you like and use them during the activities.

When to hide the chocolate eggs? As early as you can, ideally before the kids wake up and catch you sneaking out with colorful bunch. Pick good hiding places, not too high up to allow even little ones to reach. Be inventive with your hiding places, but do not over-complicate it. Rather give each child a fair chance.


Easter outfit ideas

Hunting for chocolate eggs is fun, but it’s even better if you’re dressed up as your favorite character! Here at Oasislync we thought about it all and prepared few awesome outfit ideas. For girls, any occasion is great to wear pink, therefore Minnie Mouse 2-piece Set will be perfect for this day. Pair it with matching pink leggings and black pumps for a complete Minnie Mouse experience.

Boys love Ninja Turtle – and that’s such a great outfit idea too! Just check this Mutant Ninja Turtles Long Sleeve Tshirt! It comes in two color combinations: red and blue. Ideal for brothers loving the same cartoon, but collecting different color Easter eggs! Simply complete each outfit with matching Easter basket and hidden chocolate eggs to begin the holiday hunt!


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