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There is a whiff of sweetness and an alluring fragrance in the air. LOVE it is!

valentine's day sales at oasislync

Love and gifting are special connections that create timeless and beautiful bonds with that special someone. It is therefore in this atmosphere of love that Oasislync seeks to create an  extra ordinary shopping experience but more importantly helping you weave memories that are unforgettable.

To color your celebration of love this season, we at Oasislync have the perfect gift collection that will captivate the heartbeat of that special one. We stock an aray of trendy clothing and footwear that will strike that beautiful chord of magic, which love represents.                                                                                              
For this special season, we are offering excellent high quality products at 15% off the regular prices between now and February 15, 2016.

Oasislync remains your style concierge now and always! www.oasislync.com           


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